Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery

Find Ear, Nose, and Throat Procedures in Soldotna, AK

"As we came together to build this surgery center, it was very impressive to me that first and foremost, our surgeons were desperate to do something about the high cost in healthcare, especially surgeries in our community. They voted right then and there to make sure that our surgery center offers a high quality, lower cost option than what has been previously available to our patients on the Kenai".   Scott Carlson
When it comes to ear, nose, and throat care, you want something a little different. You want to visit a surgery center where staff members are kind, caring, and understanding. Our ear, nose, throat specialists in Soldotna don't just treat your medical problems. We treat you as a person, keeping your individual wellness in mind at every stage. 

Ear, Nose, Throat Procedures We Offer
You can schedule an appointment at our surgery center for any of the following:
• Sinus Surgery
• Tonsillectomies and Other Tonsil Procedures
• Tube Installation

We also offer many other ear, nose, throat surgeries in Kenai, so let us know your specific needs and we'll determine how we can address them. If you have constant health problems with your sinuses, our procedures can offer you great relief.

Benefits of Our Surgery Center
• Caring and calming atmosphere
• High-quality, individualized service
• Low infection rates

We help you have a positive healthcare experience so you can focus on recovery. Call us at (907) 335-2580 today to schedule an appointment.
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