Physicians & Services

Physicians Devoted to Serving the Community

"As we came together to build this surgery center, it was very impressive to me that first and foremost, our surgeons were desperate to do something about the high cost in healthcare, especially surgeries in our community. They voted right then and there to make sure that our surgery center offers a high quality, lower cost option than what has been previously available to our patients on the Kenai".   Scott Carlson

Our Surgeons

We have an excellent team of doctors in each of our specialty areas. Our team includes:
Pain Management
- Andrea Trescot, MD
- Joshua Balch, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
- Mark Simonson, MD

General Surgery
- Steven Roger Hoebelheinrich, MD
- David King, MD

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery
- James Zirul, DO

Orthopedic Surgery
- Henry Krull, MD
Orthopedic Surgery 
Fellowship-Trained in Sports Medicine
- Herbert Boté, M.D.

Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity 
- Edwin Vyhmeister, MD

Vein Care
- Corey Johnson, MD

Fellowship-Trained Spine Surgery
- S. Craig Humphreys, M.D.
- Tim Harrelson, PA-C
- Brian Tureman, PA-C

- Chugach Anesthesia

Professionalism First

We put professionalism above all else. Our trusted medical staff is not only trained in all of the top of the line medical treatments, but we understand the value of patient comfort and care. We're organized and will take the time to answer all your questions and explain everything regarding your condition. Whatever your medical condition, count on us to help work them out. Don't delay getting medical care that can make a difference in your life. Call today.

Relaxing Environment

We know that medical care is more than just medicine and treatment plans. It's important to offer offer a calm and relaxing environment so that you're comfortable while you wait and you understand that we're organized, have the information you need and only use the most up to date technology and procedures. From the moment you walk through the doors, you'll know we're not your average medical care providers. You're out first priority and helping you feel better will always come first.

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